Each of us at Orella Group has come from some corner of construction. From general labour, to project management all the way up to full business ownership, we’ve seen enough of what we know we didn’t want: the long grinding hours, chasing down invoices and the general disrespect shown towards our industry as a whole—even from those within it.

We were tired, broke and beaten down by the status quo of the way things were being done. Where was the honesty? Where was the transparency? Where was the idea that you could provide high-quality, open and honest services and in turn be able to live a balanced lifestyle?

We wanted change—for ourselves, for our colleagues and for our industry.

This is why we chose the word “Group.” We wanted to avoid the hierarchy of big business and stay true to our roots of transparency, respect and the continuous improvement of our business and ourselves as individuals. We wanted to build a team that supports one another for something greater than the bottom line. We wanted to hold our heads high knowing we’re providing an honest solution for our clients and an honest living for our team.

We want to build better, together. 


WSIB Ontario

Oakville Chamber of Commerce Member

BILD Member

The Renovators Mark of Excellence​

EPRO Certified

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