Building better, together.

Your one-stop solution

Orella Group is your one-stop solution for all things construction, plumbing and waterproofing. We cover everything from maintenance work orders to large commercial rebuilds. We’re proud to provide a level of honesty, integrity and transparency that is rare in our industry.


Kitchens, bathrooms & living spaces? We cover it all!


Restaurants, retail and more. Multi-trades is our specialty!


Residential, commercial and everything in between.


Open, honest and affordable plumbing solutions.


Waterproofing, concrete polishing, and more!

Why "Group"?

group: /ɡro͞op/ — noun: a number of people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together.

We want to avoid the hierarchy of big business and stay true to our roots of transparency, respect and the continuous improvement of our business and ourselves as individuals—this is why we chose the word “group.”

Along with our contractors, our clients are part of this group. They are given the same level of dignity and honesty that we’d expect for ourselves.

When you choose Orella Group, you can rest assured knowing we’re building better, together.

Building better, together.